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What is 1Percent Trading Group?

Join our Bootcamp to become an independent and knowledgeable trader, get in-depth market info on coins of interest for the month, or if you’re a little busy, have some of our monthly trading bots do the trading for you. If you feel adventurous, dive into the abyss to invest in microcap projects or simply ask our great team to do TA on your favorite coin. Our expert call sniper team will help you get in on futures papertrades that literally print money and help you craft and follow a plan to your financial freedom. Don’t worry, we like spot investments as well and actively manage these papertrades too. Our NFT wizards are also always on the lookout for the next best project.



Luuk is a daytrader from the Netherlands that started his journey in June 2020. He got hooked on trading and the whole crypto space and since then has been able to make a living from trading full time.
He is specialized in trading price action and sniping reversals and is highly passionate about compounding gains and steady profits.


Peter is an entrepreneur and CEO in real life and has been investing in crypto since 2016 when he started mining Ethereum. He started diving deep into trading in 2020 and managed to make significant gains while doing so.
Peter also creates content about 3Commas and their GRID + DCA trading bots.


Max has been in crypto since 2017 and is the successful owner of a recording studio and mix engineer for Netflix and major label artists.
Max focuses on value investing in projects with strong fundamentals. He will be working with the group to help identify and research quality projects. He will do things such as identifying
undervalued projects and getting the group ready to get the best possible entry.


George is an entrepreneur from Greece who has built and sold multiple startups over the past years and is now focused on crypto.
George will be doing regular market updates, charting, and live streams. He is specialized in Technical Analysis and will provide intraday + swing positions.
His goal is to help you understand how the market works and how the big bucks are positioning themselves


Lexie is a researcher, gem finder, ex daytrader, IEO investor, and NFT Specialist. He has been in crypto since 2016.
Some of his previous investments are Bitcoin at $600, XRP at $0.005, and was an early investor in several other projects like Elrond and The Sandbox.
Lexie will be focused on finding gems and providing them to the group.


Hadoken is a swing spot trader and long-term investor. He is specialized in trading based on high timeframe charts to spot bigger moves.
Besides this Hadoken has a YouTube channel where he provides learning material, live streams, and informational videos.







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