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How do I get in touch with the 1Percent Trading Group?

The best way to get in contact with us is through our twitter page, or to send an e-mail to
For business inquiries send an e-mail to;


  • How do I gain access to the discord server?
    Register for discord, download their app and click on the link provided. Accept our terms and conditions and you're in!
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    We're sad to see you go but in case you want to cancel, just cancel the subscription within MEE6. If you need help, just message anyone with @Team or @Moderator role.
  • Will I be eligible for a refund?
    No, all sales are final.
  • Do you offer trial periods?
    Yes, we do. From time to time, we will open the paid section to all of our members for a weekend or 3 days but you can also selectively message our @Team to gain temporary access.
  • What crypto payments are available?
    Ideally stable coins (USDT, USDC … ) and we can work with pretty much all networks (ERC20, TRC20, BSC, SOL … )
  • How do I read calls from specific chartist?
    Every team member or talent caters to a different trading style. Some post exact entries with actual numbers, some show a chart with zones. If you have difficulty understanding anything, we will gladly help you, that's what we're here for.








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