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Can recommend! Signals for both futures and spot. Monthly fee is just a fraction of the profit it makes.


They say that everyone looks like a genius in a bull market, only real traders can make wealth during bear cycles.

The people in this group definitely fall into the latter category. Its the only group i've seen that are licking their lips during dips, corrections, and pullbacks. Buying lows and cautioning to take profits during highs. If you can't manage your own emotions like i can't half the time, this group will be a great reminder of when to do it.

Aside from this, they're actually crazy considerate. There's a ta-requests channel and my mind is blown every time with how they'll consider every request and give legitimate TA assessment of what you want. Price entry and all. If nothing else, its great to get into a coin at the best time possible to just be living in the green, but its also great to get that insight into how to look at charts too.

Which brings me on to their bootcamp. I'm not too sure if its ran periodically, but the next one is in December 2021. I'll be signing up to it 100%.

And all this and much more (which i wont waffle on about) is part of the membership. Best subscription i've ever made aside from my wife's bfs netflix. Would recommend.


Hey everyone! I couldn't agree more with what everyone else has said. The community is the best I've been apart of. The amount of knowledge I have gained alone is priceless and my gains over the last month have been insane!! The team is always willing to help and listening to their warnings have saved me from losing so much money. Heres to a long exciting future for this community!! 🎉🎉🚀🚀🚀

Lock Stock

Hello guys :) at first, sorry for my english . I just want to say this group is insane . Now im in Legendary and you have here everything you want . And the best is premium learnings . If you are new or old in crypto you will found great content here . And when you want to ask something you Can send dm to someone from the Team. And they rly help you :) for me , great ppls in this discord and really Smart and experienced leading Team :) Big thanks to you guys :) Good luck . 🍀🤑🤑

Longing Bear

Hey guys. I just wanna say I love this group 🥰 I've been in crypto for a year and it's a wild ride for sure! In this group, we are blessed to have Yoda the master trader. Yoda really has the force. Luuk the Sniper has fire calls and discipline. PK the BOT & armory specialist 🥰. Heesk the TA apprentice & happy helper. Dan & GFG keeps the group together and provides awesome research on Nft & new projects. Max is our NFT connoisseur & strategist. Sully and shinypants keeps the peace. I'm just the cheerful bull doing crazy deals 🥰 Crypto is more fun when you're surrounded by like minded people. There's a good balance of learning, making $$ and having fun. Legendary side is fire! Hope y'all are enjoying the group 🥰


100% agree with everyone in here. the boys are killing it and i'm really grateful to be a member of the community. The calls, ta, knowledge and help aside, there's an awesome community and excellent alpha. There's great wealth in that.


Big thanks to @OP_YODAS , @Luuk aka the sniper , @[pk] , @Dan the Rein banner , @heesk🤡 for all of the calls, wisdoms, chats and time put into this group.
I joined the group in September but sat on the sidelines as had to finish my old job, have a bit of beach time and observe and learn.
Hit the ground running this month and thanks to you guys have almost hit my monthly targets already!
Was a great feeling today to use my Binance card and with the profits hand my landlord his rent for this month, the earliest he has ever had it !
Crypto money is real!
An Exceptional week and long may it continue 😍 🙏 🚀
Big Love guys
As a newbie recommendation take the time to learn from the guys in the group, understand their different trading styles, read the content in ✍┃learning-material and you'll be ready to take trades with confidence, not just follow and hope for the best. Managing your trade, risk and goals is important but also empowering.


Hello persons,
It is I, fellow person, Obamna.

I'm fairly new to this group but I've seen my fair share of fake ass trick ass whack ass trading groups online, regardless of whether it's forsex stonks or crypto.
And so far I've only managed to make brain gains and money, which generally goes against the ideology of successful pyramid cheems. The only thing sus about this lot is their love for Vince McMahon, a complete sperg ancillary character in the WWE metaverse. Like come on, Hulk Hogan? The Undertaker? Damn...
Goodluck tolerating me nerdfarts, the only way you're getting rid of me is with a ban-hammer or a 1000x trade so damn juicy I never have to think about money again.

In all seriousness though, this community seems really cool and diverse based off of my experience with them so far which is a nice change of pace when all you're used to seeing is super epic option trading 16yo TikTokers.
Additionally, it seems like the premium sub is way way undervalued when compared to the wealth of knowledge and support this entire server provides, If you're serious about learning the sort of stuff that you come across in this channel as a F2P you owe it to yourself to chat with the team to try and understand what you may have to gain here. And if you decide to sub you can pretty much make that sub back in a day with any one of these resources provided here.

!votekick @dan the Jpeg connoisseur for not liking any of my TA so far. @[pk] aka armorer thanks for the kiss.
P.S Gary Vee taught me to fuck school! Thanks guy!
Obamnuts out.



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